Children's Course

Children's Course from 7 to 10

In the course, we study in detail the part of martial acrobatics, with increasingly difficult exercises and gradual growth, respecting the child's learning times.

In this age group, the Lao Long Dao Kung Fu program is introduced, divided into the first belt grades, which are:

  • White Rigid Belt: (Aspiring Lao Long Dao practitioner, beginning to take the first steps in kung fu);
  • White Belt: Sash (Lao Long Dao practitioner, you open the door to new challenges);
  • Yellow Belt: (The search for one's own martial path, yellow is the light to illuminate the way to take);
  • Green Belt: (The first contacts with oneself, becoming aware of one's own abilities, taking contact with the external nature).



In addition to the Lao Long Dao Kung Fu program, practitioners are offered new challenges, the confrontation and overcoming of fears, overcoming insecurities, maturing awareness, putting themselves in the game, accepting to participate in competitions, prepared demonstrations, and training courses to improve their knowledge of the various specializations.An exam is required for each belt passage but new challenges are offered to our trainees: how to face and fight against one's fears, how  to go beyond one's uncertainty, increasing awareness and takes a risk. It is also asked to our trainee to take part in  in competitions, prepare demonstrationsand take part to stages where  internships and  knowledges of the various specializations are improved. 


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